Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why do we give grapes to the sick?

Tricky question that. We all do it. I hate hospitals and have only ever been on one for me once (too many "o+n letters there) I don't suppose you go on to a hospital but I'm calling it that now. I sliced my little finger working at Starbucks, I was holding 3 mugs...thats nothing i could hold 10 back in my prime Starbucks days...the middle mug's handle broke shattering the two next to it as they fell to the floor my hand panicked and tried to catch yes catch the falling broken mugs. It was a reflex, i hate noise and i know it was going to make a sound. The mug just went straight through my finger, well it cut both my nerves and tendons and sliced a bit of bone. I was in hospital for 3 days i think. I refused to stay the nights so my girlfriend drove me back and forth, she was brilliant I was living on my own at the time and probably just would have tried to let it heal by it's self if she wasn't around. Still i didn't get any grapes though.
Starbucks ended up giving me money for it so i'm not sure who the real mug is there?

After doing some research (google) i found a yahoo question:

Why do the British bring grapes to people in hospital?

I've watched several British shows and when someone is in hospital or at home sick in bed, when someone comes to visit, like a friend or a family member, they always bring a bag of white grapes.

Don't get me wrong - I think it's a nice idea - after all you can't eat flower arrangements (which is what we bring to people in hospital here- that or stupid balloon arrangements that say "get well soon").

But is there a health reason behind it? Do white grapes have some healing qualities. Or is it something traditional? Or is it because hospital food is crap no matter where in the world you are?

The reason I was wondering is because it sounds like a nice, very thoughtful idea, and I'd like to start doing that, but in case anyone asks, "Why Grapes?" I'd like not to give: "Because they do it all the time on EastEnders" as my answer.

Just wondering why people always bring grapes to people in hospital.


Firstly i'd like to ad. Im not the only one asking this question. Secondly why did they say British? It sound like we are a mental bunch of people that like doing it because thats the way we are. Where is the question person from? Don't people in other places give out grapes at hospitals? Are they slightly offended we bring grapes to people? 

Anyway the answer is:

Grapes are the easiest fruit to eat.
They don't involve peeling or slicing and they are not messy so therefore take up less energy!

Two points. An apple is easier as you don't have to keep reaching for another bite. Second I don't think taking up less energy is a good thing. Your laying in a bed. You can't to anything less active. your laying down... You'll need exercise and munching is a good way to do it. Well jogging is better. Have a chewit or two.

One of the other answers were:

I don't know if thats the real reason, but that's what i think anyway!... although 'because they do it all the time on EastEnders' is a decent reason! lol


Why did they put UK at the end? Eastenders is a soap based in the Eastend of LONDON of the UK. 

It's also shite


  1. we gives grapes because 1) fruit is healthy and good for your immune system. 2) it helps re-hydrate your body more than certain fruits. 3) You can eat as much or little as you like, when you have an apple you have to eat it or waste it. 4) It actually was a Roman thing years ago as they saw it as you use grapes to make wine, therefore grapes will give you warm fuzzy drunk like feeling, also hospital food here is shockingly crap

  2. fruit that is imported being expensive it was a treat to make hospital time a little bit better ages back. grapes are still expensive now but 50-60's etc it was more so. plu s its a treat that docs and nurses dont bitch at with all this healthy eating shite.

  3. Americans do not take grapes to sick people or people in hospital. I watch a lot of British Mystery Shows and I have always wondered where the custom began. Aside from being healthy...this is strictly a British Custom. Americans take flowers and in 62 years have never seen any American to take fruit, unless of UK recent heritage.
    So, not saying you guys are mental....Just saying this is unknown to Americans.

  4. It's not just the British that do this, Germans do it as well, and perhaps other Europeans too.

  5. when you're ill i guess eating little is a good thing

  6. It's not something we do in America, nor is it a known custom to most Americans who don't watch British TV. I say British because besides Canadian TV it's the only alternative cultural television I've ever really watched and I've never seen the grape thing on a Canadian show. As far as average American TV viewers are concerned, it's a British thing.

  7. In 1928 Johanna Brandt a South African naturopathic doctor published The Grape Cure, a book with details about her supposed success in using a grape remedy to cure anything from the common cold to cancer.
    The papers were published across Europe and gained some substance when King Edward viii of England used it on request by his doctor to cure a particularly bad belt of gout.
    In 1945 British nurses were using grape juice as a hydrating agent for there patients with amputations.
    By the mid 1950s it was reporated that people were regularly taking grapes into hospital to their sick loved ones as grapes were know to contain many essential vitamins and minerals.

    Now we know grapes are a miracle fruit, the main benifits include: Protecting Your Heart, Mop Up Brain Damaging Plaques,Protect Your Body from Radiation ,Protect your cells from Cancer. Turn On Your Longevity Gene, Turn Down Inflammation, Fight Diabetes, Supports Muscle Recovery, Support eye health, lower's blood pressure.
    The key ingredient, Resveratrol is the main nutrient in grapes that may offer many health benefits.